POLICE WARNING: Dangerous Drugs Cause Concern at V Festival

Police and organisers at V Festival are repeating their warning about dangerous drugs that are circulating the Festival scene at the moment.

Photo: Supt. Sharrard-Williams
Police Commander at V Festival in Staffordshire

Supt. Elliott Sharrard-Williams, commander of the police operation at the V Festival in Staffordshire said “We discovered samples of two very dangerous substances with unusually high purity. OImage of dangerous drugs found at V Festival Westernne is a purple pill with a Louis Vuitton logo & the other an orange pill with crown logo.

“We examined the tablets at the onsite drugs lab, and we are concerned that high level of purity could cause users to become serious ill.

Image of dangerous drugs found at V Festival Western

“Late last night a young man was found collapsed in the arena and he was immediately treated and transferred to hospital with a suspected drug overdose. Thankfully the man is recovering in hospital.

“We are working to support the organisers to keep V Festival as safe and enjoyable event and I urge anyone in contact with drugs to deposit them in the dedicated drugs bins on the site.” 

Steve Wheaton from West Midlands Ambulance Service added “I urge anyone feeling unwell who may have had drugs to seek immediate medical help. We have doctors, paramedics and skilled staff on site to deal with any emergency and we are working closely with the onsite medical teams to provide any urgent support.”

Author: bailey9799

Communications Manager at Staffordshire Police