15 new police officers start in Staffordshire today

Staffordshire’s Chief Constable greeted 15 new police recruits this morning as they start their careers as police officers.

The first few weeks will see the recruits mainly in the classroom at Police HQ but they will soon be alongside regular officers as they build their knowledge of this demanding role.

At the end of their first week, the new recruits will reach their first milestone as they undertake their attestation i.e. to swear an oath to be impartial and fair to all they deal with and to serve HM the Queen.

This oath will be taken before a magistrate and Assistant Chief Constable Bernie O’Reilly at Police Headquarters at 7pm on Friday 18 September 2015. The recruits families will attend as the now uniformed student officers become police officers in Staffordshire.

The student officers are:

PHOTO of Student officers
Student Officers meet Staffordshire’s Chief Constable

Mike Byrne – 25, Alison Webb – 29, George Cooper – 25, David Henzell – 27, Tara Field – 20, Lauren Buckle – 28, Bleaze Johnson – 22, Dawn Jones – 44, Jodie Newman – 24, Richard Farrar – 31, Chantelle Robinson-Fryer – 31, Gemma Collis – 24, Samuel Small – 23, Emily Hanlon – 26, Lisa Waring – 41

All will be notified which areas of Staffordshire they will be starting in over the next few days.

Author: bailey9799

Communications Manager at Staffordshire Police