Theft from Vans and Criminal Damage: Newcastle

Three reports of thefts from vans and one of criminal damage to a Land Rover received this morning (1 October) from addresses in Bennett Place, Newcastle.

Offender/s gained entry and stole tools including drills, angle grinders and electrical testers.

Chief Inspector Clare Riley, Commander for Newcastle Borough Local Policing Team (LPT), said: “Drivers can take a few simple measures to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of this sort of crime.

“Many criminals often just take advantage if an opportunity appears – if they go past a car and see a mobile phone on the seat or a Sat Nav in its cradle; they’ll break in and take them. If the vehicle looks empty, they are far more likely to leave it alone. By keeping things out of sight, your vehicle may present less of an open invitation to them.”

An investigation is now underway to determine whether the incidents are linked and anyone with any information is asked to contact Staffordshire Police on 101.

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