Road safety operation, Stoke-on-Trent

A road safety operation to tackle inconsiderate motorists has been carried out in the Cobridge area of Stoke-on-Trent.

On Tuesday 6 October officers from Stoke Central Local Policing Team (LPT), the force’s Road Crime Team and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) targeted vehicles using Century Street and Portland Street.

The operation, initially staged in May, addresses ongoing concerns from residents about commercial, large and heavy goods vehicles coming and going to premises on the two streets.

Numerous vehicles, including HGVs and cars, were stopped during the day and action taken against 22.

Seven delayed prohibitions were imposed by the DVSA, meaning motorists have time to fix the problem. This included three tachograph matters; one oil issue; one corrosion matter and two tyre issues.

Five drivers were issued with immediate prohibitions, meaning the vehicle was taken off the road immediately. This related to three overloads; one tyre matter and one lights issue.

The Road Crime Team carried out two stop searches and issued one Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme notice.

Traffic Offence Reports were also recorded in relation to one mobile phone matter; two MOT issues; two seatbelt matters; one vehicle driving on the footway and one motorist driving otherwise than in accordance to licence.

PC Chris Gifford, who helped to co-ordinate the operation, said: “This operation responded to residents concerns regarding inconsiderate motorists using these two streets.

“Motorists who are flouting the law and using vehicles that are not roadworthy will be dealt with accordingly.

“We will continue to stage such operations in the area to deal with what matters to the communities we serve.

“The drive on footway by a HGV could not have been better timed. I was speaking to a resident who had come to see what we were doing. He complained about the HGVs driving and parking on the path, as he spoke to me the HGV did exactly that and the resident saw him dealt with for the offence.”


Author: sp16394

Press Officer at Staffordshire Police