Police and Crime Commissioner Award for Volunteer of the Year

Mrs Barbara Andrew
Mr Gerald Peck

The Police and Crime Commissioner Award recognises volunteers who provide fantastic support in their own time to keep Staffordshire safe and reassured. It highlights outstanding service to Staffordshire communities by volunteers who make a dedicated contribution.

This year the award is given to two individual volunteers.

Barbara Andrew is a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Residents’ Association chair and Partner and Communities Together (PACT) chair for Hartshill and Basford.

Her work has created a healthy community spirit and she has transformed the monthly PACT meetings into an excellent example of police and public engagement.

Her meetings are the best attended throughout the city and are informative and far reaching in their scope with excellent guest speakers who hold very senior positions in public, private and voluntary organisations.

Through her various roles that she tackles in an enthusiastic and committed manner, Barbara is highly regarded within the community and with local officers and councils.

Local officers greatly appreciate her work and organisational skills. She supports police anyway she can and recently organised two days of activities for the local policing commander to meet residents, businesses, schools, scouts and faith groups.

She dedicates hours of her time, not only in public meetings and campaigns, but also doing the small things that matter, such as having time for a chat with an elderly resident or litter picking as she walks her dog.

Barbara cares passionately about people and the community. She works selflessly to achieve her goals to resolve local issues and is greatly admired.

Gerald Peck has worked voluntarily for Staffordshire Police for more than 27 years in a variety of roles.

He has helped educate more than 7,000 pupils in East Staffordshire on the effects and dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and healthy relationships which contributed to a reduction of anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Currently deputy chair of the Independent Advisory Group, Gerald helped form a community cohesion group, meeting every Friday for a number of months to examine and critique police tactics. His contribution was vital towards achieving the successful outcome of the group resulting in a massive decrease in violence and disorder in the area.

He also acts as an ‘appropriate adult’ at South Staffordshire custody suite. On call 24/7, he often attends during evenings and through the night. In a relaxed, polite and understanding way, he communicates with detained people, their legal representatives and investigating officers, positively contributing and helping to keep detention time to a minimum.

Gerald is also an active member of Neighbourhood Watch. Drawing on his vast experience and knowledge he is always willing to help, support and offer advice.

Part of the police family, volunteers play an important role and Gerald’s support and assistance during the years has been well received and highly regarded. Polite and respectful to everyone, he is a pleasure to know and work with; a true friend to Staffordshire Police.