The Chief Constable’s Award for Lifetime Achievement

Chief Inspector Adrian Roberts – Local Policing North

The Chief Constable’s Award for Lifetime Achievement was introduced in 2004 and is awarded to a police officer who will have spent around 30 years  service at the sharp end of policing fighting crime. The officer will also have a reputation for excellence in all areas and will have a high professional standing in the local community.

Chief Inspector Adrian Roberts, who has served nearly 30 years, is an outstanding officer and has received Chief Constable’s Commendations for his commitment, courage and determination.

Following promotion in 2002 to Inspector and Local Policing Commander at Hanley, Adrian’s innovative introduction of a University Liaison officer brought significant crime reduction and this role remains today.

He was promoted to Chief Inspector in 2006 and since 2011 has been LPT Commander at Stoke North – an area of serious crime, critical incidents and community tension.

Adrian is a rich source of advice for colleagues and partners and he drives operations to reduce crime and ASB across the city. He genuinely cares for his staff and deals compassionately with issues affecting their welfare. Never quite off duty, he is always available for colleagues and partners to discuss concerns, returning to duty when significant incidents or issues have arisen.

Operationally, Adrian is extremely competent, credible and is a well respected Public Order Commander, demonstrating positive leadership at many events, including football matches, protests and festivals.

Adrian has always delivered policing with passion and pride, with a total commitment towards the communities he serves, partners he works alongside and officers and staff he works with and leads.