The Christopher James Award for the Community Officer of the Year

Constable Christopher Gifford – Local Policing North
Christopher James was a serving constable at Stafford when he died from illness on 3 December 1974. His family and friends presented a trophy to the force in memory of Christopher. This trophy is awarded to the Community Police Officer whose actions have led to an improvement of police/public relations.

The officer must have demonstrated a problem-solving approach to policing in partnership and with the support of the community.

PC Christopher Gifford covers south Cobridge, an extremely challenging area with a very diverse community. He was responsible for the first house closure in the county when new anti-social behaviour powers came into effect.

From setting up meetings with partners and members of the community to running operations to tackle crime, he delivers an outstanding service dealing with what matters to the people who live there.

One of the issues in his area was fly tipping. Using his local knowledge, Chris identified the best places for CCTV. He also identified which empty houses were causing the most issues and needed securing. Due to the increase in burglaries in the area, Chris spent time working later in plain clothes with the problem solving team and increased his uniform patrol in the daytime to provide reassurance to the community.

Nothing is too much trouble for him; he goes above and beyond what is expected of him saying ‘just doing what a neighbourhood officer does’.

His contribution has been commended by many councillors, professionals and residents. An outstanding neighbourhood officer who cares passionately about the people he serves.