The David Beech Award for Local Policing

Sergeant Simon Brownsword – Local Policing North
Constable David Hardy – Local Policing North
Constable David Ibbotson – Local Policing North
Constable Richard Longmore – Local Policing North
Constable Robert Morgan – Local Policing North

An individual or team nomination must be seen as performing well above what is reasonably expected. One-off events should only be included to illustrate overall performance achievements. Consistency and high performance is the essence of this award.

During 2014, the dynamic, innovative and committed Newcastle Neighbourhood Action Team had direct involvement in the arrest or process of 160 people.

Sgt Simon Brownsword and PCs David Hardy, David Ibbotson, Richard Longmore and Robert Morgan have led the way across the force in areas of vulnerability, such as youth violence and modern day slavery.

A small example of their excellent work includes the investigation into vulnerability and modern day slavery on an industrial estate. They made sure that many agencies were involved to make sure that support was in place for vulnerable victims.

The team has also ran operations and work into youth gangs which has led to numerous actions and arrests. They have developed an ongoing structure with partners to target offenders and safeguard vulnerable young people.

Other successes include identifying and dealing with a group of offenders connected to the supply of drugs, handling stolen goods and dangerous driving and pursuing a cross-border drug supplier who was sentenced to 44-months imprisonment.

During a burglary inquiry, a suspicious vehicle in a compound led to the recovery of £20,000 of cannabis cultivation and four high powered cars valued £100,000. They also disrupted a series of thefts of mobile devices from vehicles.