The Equality and Diversity Award for Delivering Excellent Policing Services to Communities

PCSO Stephen Sherratt – Local Policing North


The award is open to individuals or groups of police officers, special constables, police staff or any combination thereof. The focus must be on delivering excellent policing services to communities, clear success in managing a specific operation/operations or investigation/investigations. Special effort will have been made to reach out to and engage with a particular group. 


Through his work, PCSO Steve Sherratt has built up respect and trust in Biddulph and has formed great bonds with young people.

He holds regular drop-in sessions at the local high school and arranges input from local support agencies to enhance awareness of healthy relationships and the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse.

Steve has a close trusting relationship with The Roaches School, a residential school specialising in educating children severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. Historically, children from schools like The Roaches can prove challenging to the police. He has been successful in breaking down barriers and gaining trust and chose to launch Junior Police Cadets there. He also arranges football matches between the children and officers.

Steve also used his initiative to bring the generations together, arranging for children to visit elderly residents in supported accommodation. The youngsters eagerly helped with the catering at a BBQ Steve helped to organise.

Seeing the lack of representation of young people in planning activities, Steve approached the town council and helped set up a youth council. A group of children from the local schools attend monthly meetings in council chambers to discuss local concerns and projects. They then report back and everyone shares their views and is given a say.

Steve is a highly-respected officer in Biddulph and is a friendly face the younger people of Biddulph see as making a difference to their futures in the town.