The High Sheriff’s Millennium Vase for Most Meritorious Act

Constable Paul Kingsbury – Local Policing North


The High Sheriff’s Millennium Vase was presented to Staffordshire Police by Mr Roger Whitfield during his term of office as Staffordshire High Sheriff during 1992 and 1993.

Each year it is awarded to the police officer, member of the Special Constabulary or member of police staff who the Chief Constable decided has carried out the most meritorious act (which includes acts of bravery or work of excellence).


On 18 December 2014, PC Paul Kingsbury was going to Newcastle to carry out an enquiry when he noticed a man lying on the pavement near a bus stop on the High Street in Wolstanton. A very distressed lady was pacing around and crying nearby.

Obviously concerned, Paul stopped and went up to the man, who was aged in his mid-60s and unconscious. He immediately contacted the control room to ask for an ambulance and starrted CPR. The ambulance arrived and en-route to hospital Paul continued CPR.

Just before arriving at hospital the man regained consciousness and started to breathe normally. He was immediately taken into the critical care unit where his condition was regarded as poorly but stable. The man had suffered a cardiac arrest and he eventually made a full recovery.

The man and his partner expressed their thanks to Paul, and the paramedics said that but for his quick and decisive actions the man would have died.