The Nick Tempest Award for Special Constables – Significant Contribution to Policing Staffordshire

Special Inspector Samuel Rollinson – Local Policing South
Nicholas Tempest was the Deputy Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary in Staffordshire when in early 2000 he died suddenly having completed almost 27 years of faithful service. His family donated the proceeds of collections made following his death towards the establishment of a Special Constabulary award in his memory.

The award is presented annually to a special constable or group of special constables who the Chief Constable judges to have made a significant contribution to policing Staffordshire.

Special Inspector Samuel Rollinson goes above and beyond his role – he is dedicated to the communities of Staffordshire, to the teams he leads, the colleagues he works with and the partner agencies that he supports.

Samuel dedicates a large amount of his personal time to developing officers, supporting community events and assisting their planning where required.

Samuel was in charge of the Scarlet Licensing team, this involved coordinating specials to support partner agencies and the force licensing to investigate and oversee licensable activities, including underage drinking.

He organised his team to support raids on local car boots across Cannock and South Staffs to target counterfeit goods that had been highlighted as a concern by the community and the industry alike. These operations have recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds of counterfeit goods and supported trading standards to ensure offenders were prosecuted.

He takes all new challenges in his stride as demonstrated with him being part of active firearm deployments, large drug raids and planning remembrance parades. He works long hours when on duty and only goes home when the job is done. He is held in the highest regard by his colleagues.

He is truly an inspiration to all in the police service. Without his dedication, as his colleagues have quoted, ‘we could not do without him’.