The Problem Solving/Leadership Award

Constable Sarah Griffiths – Local Policing North
Constable Jaime Slinn – Local Policing North

This award is to recognise colleagues who have shown outstanding leadership or problem solving skills. The award is open to individuals or groups of police officers, police staff, police community support officers, special constables or any combination thereof.

Stoke North has a mix of diverse cultures with some factors of deprivation, unemployment, crime and substance abuse.
PCs Sarah Griffiths and Jaime Slinn have built great inroads in local high schools as part of their role as Safer Schools officers.

They work in a challenging environment with a spectrum of incidents involving pupils who have challenging and vulnerable backgrounds. They often go above and beyond their remit and deal with situations that have helped many young people and families. It is to their credit that some young people have been able to turn their lives around.

The officers work closely with partners to collaboratively safeguard. This can be done through joint home visits with Social Services to make sure that children from some of the most vulnerable families are protected, to working with the youth offending team.

In the last few years they have also helped organise and participate in the Lifemaps Project, an initiative between police and the army. A group of children spend time away on a course geared to challenge, build life skills and promote team working. It has been a resounding success, with some inspired by the course planning a career in the armed forces.

They have established a good rapport with children, teachers and parents.