The Staffordshire Police Unison Award for Actions that have Benefited the Community or a Work Colleague, and Reflects the Values of Unison and Staffordshire Police

Mrs Claire Bruus – Deputy Chief Constable’s Directorate

The award will be presented to a person whose actions have benefited the community and or work colleague and reflects the values of UNISON and Staffordshire Police.
The nominated person must be a Staffordshire Police UNISON Branch Member. Any employee of Staffordshire Police can nominate a recipient.

Claire Bruus has worked tirelessly to raise funds for a local Stafford hospice, Katharine House.

Dedicating a significant amount of her own time, she has organised a number of events to raise money for this charity that means so much to the community.

This has also involved a great deal of training to take part in sponsored physical events. She did the Nijmegen March challenge in Holland in July. This saw her complete a 100-mile walk in four days and raise more than £3,100 for the charity.

With a local primary school, Claire also participates in many other fundraising activities.

All activities are personally funded so every penny she raises goes towards this very good cause.