NEWS: Staffordshire woman scoops national Police Public Bravery Award

A woman from Staffordshire has been honoured for her bravery at the  50th annual NPCC Police and Public Bravery Awards in Manchester.

The award ceremony took place last night, Monday 23 November, and saw the police service honour members of the public for remarkable acts of bravery.

Rebecca Bickley
PHOTO: Rebecca Bickley

The awards, sponsored by The Goldsmith’s Company, recognised members of the public for actions which have supported the police in preserving law and order. This year’s award ceremony recognised the acts of 76 people for their courage and bravery.

Honorary Awards Secretary, Chief Constable David Crompton, said:

“Every day, somewhere in the United Kingdom, members of the public put themselves in harm’s way in order to help or protect others who are vulnerable or at risk. Policing in the UK has always been performed with the consent of the public and we could not do our job without their assistance. This award ceremony provides the police service with a unique opportunity to thank the public spirited men and women who have gone beyond what would normally be expected and actively engaged in brave, courageous or selfless acts to help protect communities, detect crime or assist the police.”

Rebecca Bickley was presented with her silver medal for her help with the below incident.

During the evening of Friday 10th May 2013, Rebecca Bickley was at home in Newcastle-under- Lyme, when she was alerted by neighbours knocking on her door, informing her that there was someone seriously hurt.

Rebecca, being a qualified nurse, immediately reacted to this and went to a nearby address where a lady had been stabbed in the neck and was going into shock.  Rebecca, with no  regard for her own safety, attended to her, passing the attacker who was also in the house holding a knife. Rebecca administered first aid and, when the paramedics arrived, it was Rebecca who applied the intravenous drip enabling lifesaving fluids to be administered. The three children of the injured party were at the address at the time of the attack.

The lady was taken into hospital and underwent emergency surgery. The police arrived and the offender was arrested for attempted murder. With their father arrested and mother in hospital, a decision had to be made as to where the children would go. The family are not originally from the UK and there were no family or friends able to assist in caring for the children.

Rebecca, although living close by to this family, was not acquainted with them, however, this did not stop her from volunteering to look after the children. Rebecca continued to do this for a number of days, taking time off work in order to care for them. Rebecca’s actions prevented the children going into care.

Rebecca insisted in acting as a point of contact for the extended family and also ensured that the heavily blood stained house was fully cleaned and even bought new bedding for the little boys’ bedroom which was also heavily stained.

The lady has made a full recovery and the perpetrator is currently serving a six year prison sentence. Rebecca’s actions proved critical and were potentially life saving, to add to this her kindness towards the children of a family she did not know was exemplary.

Chief Constable Jane Sawyers said: “What Rebecca did is nothing short of amazing, she gave no regard for her own safety in order to help a complete stranger.

“Her actions show true community spirit. Not only did she display incredible bravery, her compassion towards the children and her selflessness in taking care of them in the days following the attack are truly admirable.

“The police depend on the public and what Rebecca did is a fantastic example of that.”

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  1. Rebecca gave her services willingly without thinking of any consequences both for herself or her family. What she achieved probably not only saved a human life but also kept a family in tact and that standard needs to be honoured and noted so that we can find ways of living in harmony with our neighbours.

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