SCAM WARNING: Don’t buy from the back of vans!

Staffordshire Police Car with lights on

We’re urging the public to be vigilant after a number of faulty goods were seized in Cannock.

Officers came to search the vehicle in relation to an unrelated matter on Tuesday 24 November while it was parked on the Beach Hut car park at the rear of Toby Carvery in Cannock.

They discovered 15 wrapped television sets which appeared to be new but upon further investigation were found to be old broken units.

It’s is suspected that these televisions were intended for sale from the rear of the van to unsuspecting members of the public.

Inquiries are ongoing to trace those responsible for the vehicle and its contents.

During this type of scam the seller will show the victim new fully working television set and sell the item at a dramatically reduced price. Once the sale is agreed the seller will present the purchaser with a pre-wrapped television. Only when the purchaser unwraps their new television they find an old broken worthless set, not the item shown to them.

If you’re offered any item for sale under suspicious circumstances please decline and report it to police.