Update for residents of Newcastle

I know a number of you are concerned about the a incident on Wednesday

PHOTO Ch Insp Pete Owen
Ch Insp Pete Owen

morning. I am your local police commander and I wanted to take a couple of minutes to  update and reassure the residents of Chesterton, Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

At approximately 9 o’clock on, Wednesday 2nd December, a lady who was walking her dog in Brick Kiln Lane reported seeing a man who she believed was carrying a rifle in the fields.  The lady was not threatened in any way and was aware that some people do shoot rabbits in that area.

With incidents of this type, although an individual does not appear to pose a threat, there is always the chance of a stray pellet causing injury or damage.  A patrol was therefore sent to search the area with a view to checking if the man was shooting the gun legally and also to provide suitable advice as to the safety of others.

Whilst officers were searching the area they could hear shots being fired which sounded like an air rifle.  The officers were aware of the nearby school and to ensure the safety of the children a decision was made to attend Chesterton Primary School to prevent the children going out into the playground whilst the incident was being dealt with.

After a short while no more shots could be heard.  The area was searched by officers with the help of the police helicopter, however the man was not found.

I would like to reassure the local community that it appears nobody was in any danger from the man shooting.  He appeared to have been shooting in the fields.  With incidents like these it is important that we take all reasonable measures to keep people safe which in this case included contacting the school.  I also appreciate the increased concern due to what has recently happened in Paris, however, it appears in all likelihood the man in this incident was shooting rabbits or other wildlife.

Chief Inspector Peter Owen

Local Policing Team Commander

Author: bailey9799

Communications Manager at Staffordshire Police