Lichfield Powercut and Fire


Emergency services will remain on the scene of a significant incident in the Lichfield area throughout the night and into tomorrow morning as a result of the fire at the electrical substation which is situated behind the Esso petrol station on Eastern Avenue Lichfield.

Emergency services responded to reports of a large fire and power cut in the area at around 8:50pm on Wednesday 2 Dec 2015. The fire resulted in a significant power cut across many areas of Lichfield. At this stage there is no indication of the cause of the blaze.

A full and coordinated response from Staffordshire’s Emergency Services was put into place with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue leading the efforts of the emergency services and key partners. On site meetings helped to coordinate the work and included Lichfield District Council, Staffordshire County Council, Environment Agency, Western Power Distribution, Network Rail (due to the proximity of the West Coast Mainline) and of course Staffordshire Police, West Midlands Ambulance Service and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue.

Graham Mills from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue said “We faced a significant fire at the location, the substation has highly combustable materials within it and we will remain on site throughout the night to ensure the fire does not reignite.”

David Bailey from Staffordshire Police said “We worked to support the community and ensure the safety of those working to tackle the fire and those affected by the power cut. Officers stayed on duty to support the operation and direct those affected. Thankfully no evacuations have been necessary”

Michelle Kelly from West Midlands Ambulance Service said “We had specialist teams on standby to support the fire crews, thankfully we have no reports of any injuries.”

Neil Turner from Lichfield District Council said “All the services worked extremely hard to deal with all the issues tonight, I hope the residents understand the efforts being made to return the situation to normal as quickly as possible.”

We expect some homes and business to remain without power throughout the night and colleagues at Western Power are working hard to reconnect homes as quickly as possible. There will be some additional power cuts as the services are brought back online.

Residents are urged to check on vulnerable family or neighbours to ensure those who may have difficulty without power are supported. For advice on health issues contact NHS 111.

Updates about any school closures will be available on the Staffordshire County Council website on Thursday morning – click here 

10:30 PM UPDATE Emergency services are currently working in Lichfield and the surrounding area whilst colleagues from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue tackle a large fire at Eastern Avenue, involving an electric substation.

Weston Power Distribution current tell us that 18071 premises are without electricity (click here for the latest from them). Many traffic lights are also off so motorist are urged to take extra care on the roads. We are expecting many homes not to have electricity for many hours.

A number of roads in the area will remain closed whilst the services tackle the fire.

Colleagues at the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are urging residents in York Close to stay indoors and keep windows closed.

Police are maintaining a highly visible presence in the area and we are working closely with our emergency service colleagues to deal with the issue. We will provide more information as we get it.


CLICK HERE for information on Fire Safety and keeping warm

CLICK HERE for information on NHS 111

Please DO NOT CALL 999 to report your power is off. Sadly we have just had a 999 call asking for the police to sort out the food going off in the fridge because of the power cut. Sorry but this is not a police emergency.

Author: bailey9799

Communications Manager at Staffordshire Police