NEWS: New evidence recovery kits used to target deer poachers

A new evidence recovery kit will enable deer rangers and police to gather vital clues to trace deer poachers.

Officers from Staffordshire Police’s Rural and Wildlife Crime Unit have worked with ballistic specialists and partners from the rural community to produce a new DNA and NABIS (National Ballistics Intelligence Service) evidence recovery package.

The kits, which have been supplied to four deer rangers around the county for them to distribute, will allow forensic samples of DNA and ammunition to be secured from illegally killed deer.

This will mean that DNA from wounds suspected to have been caused by hunting dogs can be swabbed and recovered ammunition evidence can be sent off for analysis.

The introduction of these kits comes at a time of year which typically sees an increase in the number of poached deer, an issue that Staffordshire Police’s Rural and Wildlife Crime Unit is committed to tackling.

Superintendent Simon Tweats of Staffordshire Police said: “This piece of kit is a great example of how we can work together with our partners and rural communities to target those involved in deer poaching.

“Samples will potentially allow us to identify the weapon used to kill a deer and could provide the missing link between a crime and a suspect. Likewise, if a hunting dog is used it will possibly allow us to match-up a dead deer to the dog that killed it. Ultimately, the kit will help massively in gathering evidence for a prosecution case.

“This is just one example of how the Rural and Wildlife Crime Unit’s works closely with our rural communities to combat rural and wildlife crimes within Staffordshire.”