Commendations for two Staffordshire police officers

Two Staffordshire police officers have received a commendation from the City of London Police after saving the life of a woman about to jump from Tower Bridge.

The officers – husband and wife Dominic and Louise Gallimore – were on holiday in London in June when they spotted a woman in distress as they were walking over Tower Bridge. She then began climbing over a fence on the side of the bridge.

They ran to her rescue and successfully pulled her to safety before the emergency services could arrive on scene.

Supt Paul Clement from City of London Police travelled up to Staffordshire Police’s headquarters in Stafford to present the officers with framed commendations for their “action, off duty, saving a life on Tower Bridge.”

PC Dominic Gallimore, who is part of Stoke-on-Trent’s Northern Local Policing Team and based at Burslem, said: “It’s great to be recognised for essentially doing our job. We were on leave at the time but we’re police officers and that’s how we’re trained to react. You just try to manage situations and it doesn’t matter whether it’s Tower Bridge or Holden Bridge.

“We were impressed by City of London Police’s swift response to the incident.”

Supt Wayne Jones of Staffordshire Police, said: “Staffordshire Police colleagues are delighted with the recognition that Dominic and Louise have received from the City of London Police and proud of their off duty actions. I would like to commend them both for their bravery and quick thinking and congratulate them on their award.”

Dominic joined the force 14 years ago, whilst Louise, a detective constable based at Hanley, has 18 years service.

Photo caption: Staffordshire police officers DC Louise Gallimore and PC Dominic Gallimore are pictured being presented with their awards by Supt Paul Clement from City of London Police.