Car stolen in Stonnall

We received a call just before 8.30am morning (Thursday 21 January) reporting a theft of a vehicle near Lichfield.

A BMW car had been parked on the drive of a residential property in Wallheath Crescent, Stonnall, with the engine running when the owner went back into the house. The car was then stolen.

Inspector Rob Neeson, Commander of Lichfield District Local Policing Team (LPT), said:

“Drivers can take a few simple measures to reduce their chances of becoming a victim of this sort of crime. Many criminals often just take advantage if an opportunity appears – don’t leave your vehicle with the keys in the ignition at any time, even when you’re loading or unloading shopping or baggage. And leaving the engine running to ‘warm up’ during the winter months not only risks having the vehicle stolen, it’s against the law. Drivers should always be in control of their vehicles when the engine is running.”

Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to contact Staffordshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 113 of 21 January.