UPDATE: Second male found at Branston warehouse is identified

We are now in a position to name the second of the two males whose bodies were found in a transit crate at a Branston warehouse last November.

Mostafa Khaziravi, a 27-year-old male from the city of Ahvaz in Southern Iran, has now been formally identified and arrangements are being made to repatriate him back to his family.

Mostafa was identified through comparing DNA samples provided by his sister with his DNA profile.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Giles of Staffordshire Police, said: “We extend our condolences to Mostafa’s family. The circumstances in which they lost a member of their family are tragic, although we are pleased to have been able to give them some answers as to what had happened to him.

“We have now been able to formally identify both of the males found in a crate at Ferroli. The body of other male, teenager Khalid Sorki, has already been conveyed back to his family in the Turkmen Valley area of Afghanistan.

“Our inquiries are ongoing. Identifying the two males and returning them to their bereaved families was our priority. The investigation is now concentrated on identifying the person or persons who helped them to conceal themselves in a crate amongst a delivery load and who may be facilitating the illegal movement of people into the UK.”

Police were called to a warehouse at Ferroli in Lichfield Road, Branston, just before 9am on November 17, following the discovery of two bodies within a wooden transit crate.

The wooden crate had been part of a consignment of commercial boilers which left northern Italy on October 5 and entered the UK by ferry from Dunkirk to Dover three days later. It was delivered to Ferroli in Branston later the same day where it remained untouched until staff became suspicious due to its unpleasant smell and appearance. Upon investigation they discovered the bodies inside the crate and notified police immediately.

Author: sp24237

Communications Officer at Staffordshire Police