Free Bogus Caller and Scam Awareness Show

Officers from Staffordshire Moorlands Local Policing Team (LPT) are inviting people to a bogus caller and scam awareness show.

The show will be performed by students from Cheadle Academy’s drama group and aims to increase people’s knowledge and awareness around bogus callers.

Entry is free and the event will take place on Wednesday 27 January at 2.30pm at The Cheadle Academy, Station Road, Cheadle, ST10 1LH. Local officers will also be available to give advice.

CYBER CRIME ALERT – Change your password

TalkTalk-colourlogoThere is a lot of news coverage today about a cyber crime attack on ‘Talk Talk’ the phone and broadband provider. If you are a customer of ‘Talk Talk’ or not we urge you to review your cyber security.


Not just your ‘Talk Talk’ one – chances are you use the same one on other services so change them.

Don’t use the same password on everything – if one service gets attacked and your log in details are taken then you could be vulnerable on other services.

We have lots of advice about staying safe online – visit here for more